• Hosts - Bruce Walker and Zoi Kantounatou


    Introduction to Startup Summit 2018

    Bruce Walker, Co-founder, FutureX

    Zoi Kantounatou, Co-founder, FutureX



    Democratic philanthropy: rethinking our giving culture

    Alan Mahon, Co-founder, Brewgooder



    The power of company culture

    John Peebles, CEO, Administrate

    Joy Lewis, Founder, Adopt an Intern

    Steffen Stäuber, Founder, Create Meaning

    Host: Hazel Gibbens, Communications Lead, FutureX


    Driving growth: from startup grant to multimillion pound exit

    Mike Welch, Founder, Atterley.com

    Host: Danielle Kelly, Client Services Director, STV



    Unleash your purpose: why we're in the business of creating miracles, not unicorns

    Steffen Stäuber, Founder, Create Meaning



    Why company culture must come first: the view from Silicon Valley

    Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey

    Host: Mark Logan, Startup Advisor, Investor & Non-Executive Director


    Spotlight: Brexit and business

    Brian Corcoran, CEO, Turing Fest

    Zoi Kantounatou, Co-founder, FutureX

    Kristian Tapaninaho, Co-founder, Ooni

    Host: Chris van der Kuyl, Co-founder, 4J Studios



    Startup Summit Competition


    Chris Hughes, Founder & CEO, Present Pal

    Deborah Wake, CEO, MyWay Digital Health

    Scott Weir, CEO, Pillow Property Partners


    Chris Neumann, Early-stage investor

    Melinda Matthews, CEO, CodeClan

    Peter Reilly, Commercial Director, STV

    Hugh Lightbody, Chief Officer, Business Gateway



    Scaling teams and scaling products: in conversation with FreeAgent

    Ed Molyneux, Co-founder, FreeAgent

    Roan Lavery, Co-founder, FreeAgent

    Olly Headey, Co-founder, FreeAgent

    Host: Gillian Docherty, CEO, The Data Lab



    Startup Summit Competition Results



    Closing comments from FutureX

    Bruce Walker, Co-founder, FutureX

    Zoi Kantounatou, Co-founder, FutureX

    Host - Vicky Brock


    Fueling the marketing fire through customers, content and community

    Darina Garland, Co-founder, Ooni

    Kristian Tapaninaho, Co-founder, Ooni

    Host: Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey



    Product-market fit and beyond: the race to drive retention rates and growth

    Chitresh Sharma, Co-founder, Swipii

    Host: Sue Duris, Co-founder, M4 Communications



    How AI is changing the global startup order

    Chris Neumann, Early-stage investor



    Sales screwups your startup shouldn’t


    John Peebles, CEO, Administrate



    The changing landscape of investment: why Scotland's time is now

    Monique Woodard, Early-stage investor Steve Ewing, Director of Operations, Informatics Ventures

    Host: Chris Neumann, Early-stage investor







    Know your users: where your next million customers might come from

    Monique Woodard, Early-stage investor

    Host: Vicky Brock, Founder, Get Market Fit



    Taking your startup global

    Tom Jones, Co-founder, Airsorted


    Startup Summit Map

    Host - Rob Gelb


    The anxious person's guide to making an impact

    Rob Gelb, Founder, Kindaba



    Meet the impact investors

    Manish Miglani, Investment Director,

    Nesta Impact Investments

    Steven Hamill, Chief Operating Officer, Scottish EDGE

    Rob Halliday, Fund Manager,

    Social Investment Scotland

    Host: Rachael Brown, CEO, Cultural Enterprise Office



    Finding creative solutions to challenging social problems

    Celia Hodson, Founder & CEO, Hey Girls


    How to grow your business through giving

    Alisoun Mackenzie, Author, Give to Profit



    How startups can fix climate change

    Frans Nauta, Founder, ClimateLaunchpad

    Workshop 1: Galvanise

    Leveraging company culture to drive growth


    Workshop 2: Pivotal

    Building the right thing - UCD and lean methods


    Workshop 3: Skyscanner

    Office Hours

    Workshop 4: Business Gateway

    Pitching to win


    Workshop 5: Johnston Carmichael

    Incentivising talent: employee share schemes


    Workshop 6: Skyscanner

    Office Hours

    Workshop 7: Adopt an Intern

    Culture x Development = Cultural Fit: How to attract & retain a great team


    Workshop 8: Lawrie IP

    Intellectual Property for startups - What's the point?


    Workshop 9: STV

    The 3 C's of Culture

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