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Expert advice for start-ups: "Test the market"

Ian Kerr, Managing Director of ID Resilience, shares his tips

· SUS18,Guest blog

Represent is one of the companies exhibiting at Startup Summit this year. Through an integrated PR and digital marketing approach, they advise their clients on the best way to generate awareness, recognition and leads. Today, they share with us their catch-up with Ian Kerr, Managing Director of ID Resilience, who tells us more about how he took a concept and made it a reality when he launched Raven Controls. Get in touch with Represent to learn more.

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Embarking on a new business can be a daunting experience. You’ve got the idea and the know-how, but can you make it work? It’s a time when you should be seeking all the expert advice you can find!

Ahead of Startup Summit 2018, we’ve been catching up with some of our favourite entrepreneurs so they can share their story and give some much valued advice.

That’s why this week we’ve spoken to managing director of ID Resilience, Ian Kerr. He took a concept and made it a reality in 2018 when he launched Raven Controls, the event-logging and incident management technology that’s set to revolutionise the events industry.

How did you get the idea for Raven Controls?

Raven Controls came about after identifying a lack of adequate solutions for logging actions and decisions within the events industry. In today’s threat rich and litigious society, we need to help protect and coordinate event control. Raven is disrupting this industry with an innovative tech solution to provide a unique online offering, integrating partners and providing a much-needed integrated digital solution.

What was your background prior to launching the innovative tech?

As a police officer working in emergency and counter-terrorism planning, I gained a decade of experience in resilience and crisis management. This knowledge and understanding was vital to the creation of Raven and continues in the day-to-day management. It was important for me that Raven not only prepares and provides an advanced method of controlling events but also offers value in creating efficiencies through the use of the data.

When you were starting out, where did you get advice and help from?

I found that my network of advisors were very helpful, however I have also received tremendous advice and support from Scottish Enterprise as a business within the management of the High Growth Ventures Team.

What do you attribute to your success?

There is no shortcut to success – hard work and determination are essential, as well as a little bit of luck and good timing. Launching and running a start-ups is not easy and you have to remain focussed and have full belief in your idea to succeed.

What did you wish you knew before starting out?

The phone number and email of all my target clients!

If you had one piece of advice to someone starting their own business, what would it be?

I would highly encourage anyone starting their own business to test the market, try your product or service with a group of people that will provide honest feedback. If you are weak in areas don’t be scared to admit that and hire people that compliment this to ensure a rounded skillset. Be brave, work hard and commit…and if your business is running an event then call Raven Controls!

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