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Reflecting on Startup Summit 2019

We took the time to reflect on the successes of Startup Summit 2019 and where we think we could have done better.

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On Wednesday 30th October 2019, we were joined by an incredible array of entrepreneurs and business leaders for the 8th edition of Startup Summit – and what a day it was!

Startup Summit 2019

Since then, we’ve received a huge amount of wonderful feedback about the event. It’s extremely valuable for us to hear the thoughts of our attendees, partners and speakers, so a big thanks to everyone who’s been in touch! We work tirelessly to improve our events each year, while – crucially – making sure that we stay true to our values.

So, we’ve taken the time to reflect on the successes of the day and where we think we could have done better. We want to share with you what we’re going to improve for next year and open the conversation for you to help us shape the future of Startup Summit.

Rob Spiro, Founder & Director, Imagination Machine at Startup Summit 2019


Creating a space where everyone can participate in the knowledge exchange is essential to Startup Summit‘s success. We have worked hard to foster a space where our audience feels empowered to engage in two-way communication with speakers, partners and each other.

Workshops were an opportunity for attendees to directly engage with experts. Audience Q&A sessions were a key component of all of our keynotes, interview and panels, and, for attendees not comfortable to take a mic, we encouraged speakers to come to the afterparty and keep chatting.

This article is an excerpt, head to the FutureX website to continue reading the full thing!

Startup Summit returns to Edinburgh in October 2020. Want to be the first to find out about tickets? Pre-register here!

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