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#SUS16 Exhibitor Profile: Startups

The 5th Startup Summit is fast approaching and we’re hugely looking forward to welcoming 800+ entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and – of course - startups to the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh on November 14th. As well as an amazing array of speakers, panellists and workshops, we’ve also got a fantastic selection of exhibitors as diverse as the startup ecosystem itself.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, and who you might want to look out for on the day, we’ve put together a series of blogposts on some of this year’s exhibitors, which we will publish in the days leading up to #SUS16. As it's the Startup Summit, it only seems right that we’ll begin by having a look at some of the freshest new companies who’ll be showcasing with us on Monday: the startups.

A by-product of Airbnb’s relentless growth is a rise in the number of startups providing services for busy hosts who cannot manage their properties by themselves. One of the leading startups offering such services – such as cleaning, laundry, check-ins and Airbnb listing optimisation - is Airsorted. Founded in Feb 2015, Airsorted has recently expanded to Dublin from its original dual base of London/Edinburgh, has gained funding from European property accelerator Pi Labs, received coverage from the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Sunday Times and was featured in’s top 100 Startups for 2016.

You are a local business. You have great stock, amazing prices and you want more shoppers in your store. What do you do next? Speak to Bubbal, that’s what! Noting that shoppers love to click and collect, with over 50% saying it's their preferred way to shop, Bubbal developed Tap & Collect. It's the pay-as-you-go, hyper-local click and collect solution for retailers that builds great customer relationships. There are no set up costs and you only pay for successful transactions. With click and collect shoppers spending up to an extra £27 per store visit, it makes sense to find out more about Bubbal.

Founded in 2015, Numbertelling are a design agency like no other, in that they use data as the inspiration for much of their design work. Numbertelling specialise in data communication, from extracting raw data to implementing interactive tools, and work closely with clients across the UK and beyond to help them enhance the potential of the information within their organisations. Numbertelling’s unique appeal lies in the fact that they are experts in coding, statistics and design (three disciplines that aren’t readily associated) meaning that they are able to seamlessly translate complex data into meaningful information.


Soda is a social dating application developed and operated by Scottish startup Plan B Media. Soda is the first app to be developed by the company and was launched in experimental mode in Edinburgh in October 2016. The app will be tweaked and refined over the first three months of its life to optimise the user experience before a nationwide roll out in 2017. Soda is a textbook disruptive product designed to both quash the problems faced by the dating community and tilt the industry to become a more social platform.

Sustainably is a social good technology company based in Edinburgh, co-founded by mother and daughter team Loral and Eishel Quinn. Their aim is to inspire sustainable living and giving and help socially conscious consumers and businesses change the world everyday through their real time social responsibility platform. It integrates giving to good causes and instant feel good updates by connecting its technology with consumers’ cashless transactions at the point of sale, rounding up transactions in real time to the nearest pound and giving the spare change direct to the causes of their choice. With total privacy, transparency and control, it's a simple, fun and engaging way to make a positive impact as part of your busy life.

The recent resurgence in the popularity of cycling has unfortunately been mirrored by an increase in bike-related crimes, such as theft. This led the team behind Veloeye to come up with an innovative solution to combat bike crime. Veloeye is the brainchild of two guys who invested in bicycles, paid a lot of money for them, grew to love them and did not want to lose them. A simple and inexpensive high visibility tracking system for bike owners, Veloeye acts as a deterrent to thieves and helps users track down their bike should it be stolen.

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