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SUS17: Press Coverage

Read what attendees said about Startup Summit 2017

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Our press launch this summer reached more than 2.2 million people. With more than 1000 attendees, 3 stages, 25 speakers and 40 exhibitors at Assembly Rooms on 1st November, Startup Summit was definitely the place to be!

Nick Freer - The Scotsman - Comment: How 'business for good' is good for business

At last week’s WeAreTheFuture-run Startup Summit in Edinburgh, many of the great and the good of Scotland’s entrepreneurial scene gathered to talk all things business. - Nick Freer

"WeAreTheFuture, in tandem with FutureX, has extraordinary pulling power, and has built an almost cult-type following based on a “business for good” message. It is populated by a young gang of switched-on folks who believe fiercely that the status quo in the business world is ripe for disruption and encouraged the panellists and audience on the day to look forward to what our companies could look like ten years from now."

Couldn't make it to SUS17? FutureScot has hand picked some of the top tips from a day of inspirational speakers. Tips include: writing a business plan, finding a mentor, doing it in Scotland, doing good, exploring new and innovative ways of funding and marketing.

One of the most well-attended talks of the morning sessions was the conversation between Sir Tom Hunter and Brewdog co-founder James Watt.​ - FutureScot

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