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SVA Competition Semi-Finalists



SVA Competition Semi-Finalists

Each year we select one emerging technology entrepreneur and award them a fully funded place on the SVA five day leadership programme in San Francisco and Silicon Valley: Creating a unique space for entrepreneurs to converse with global influencers and gather insight from inside some of Silicon Valley's most innovative and successful businesses whilst reflecting on themselves and their business to create actionable steps for personal and professional growth.

ZoneFox is a unique, award-winning cyber security solution that provides the modern enterprise with a truly 21st Century tool to help protect their business- critical data against the growing Insider Threat.

Organised Health Technologies is a Technology Pharmacy start-up disrupting the UK pharmacy industry with user experience, technology and design. We are a full scale, mobile first, digital pharmacy with a focus on beautiful user experience and design.

Gapsquare uses technology combined with top of the class academic expertise to disrupt the way organisations manage diversity and inclusion, driving more productive and a dynamic workforce.

Drumroll HQ has developed a game, Erase All Kittens is a web-based platform game that will teaches kids aged 8-14 real coding languages, and helps to eliminate their fear of technology by gamifying the learning process. This project would provide a new, innovative way to help close the gender gap in technology.

Kafoodle is an award-winning foodtech software that is on a mission to bring transparency to the foodchain globally. We believe that the future of health is in food.

Beezer is a ground-breaking new SaaS platform that bypasses app stores to deliver all the benefits of a native app without the hassle and cost. Our platform enable SMEs to easily create, distribute and manage mobile apps which are encompassed in our strapline Mobile Apps Made Easy.

Sublime is a band of creative pioneers and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to exploring new digital realities in the world of work. We develop digital realities (VR & AR) tools for the workplace. We believe that virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies are converging and together have the potential to transform the the way we work.

Care Sourcer is a matching tool between a care seeker and care providers who can meet the needs of the care request. It is not a directory of care providers, like some other sites, but an interactive tool which gives the care seeker control. You enter whether you are looking for care at home or a care home and then put in further details to help care providers check if they can match your request.

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