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What not to miss at Startup Summit 2017

Three stages for you startup journey

· SUS17

Dust off your glow sticks because, for the first time, the Startup Summit team are pulling together three stages of incredibles at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms on November 1st. Enjoy inspiring stories from founders on the Main Stage, pick up practical tips on how to grow your startup on the Business Builder Stage and learn how to become a regenerative force for society and the economy on the Impact Stage.

Main Stage

Entrepreneurship is never a smooth journey, but it can be one of life’s most rewarding. On Startup Summit’s main stage you’ll find founders sharing their thoughts, experience and personal stories. Founders like Marie Owen, who went from cabin crew to CEO of LS Productions, putting Scotland on the map for brands like Chanel, BMW and British Vogue as a go-to destination for photoshoots and TV advertising.

If you arrived at Edinburgh airport on your way to the Startup Summit Main Stage you may have seen a very comfortable prototype home for Social Bite Village, the latest manifestation of Josh Littlejohn’s passion to tackle homelessness through business. Littlejohn’s drive to use business to create a positive and sustainable impact on society is characteristic of several of the heavyweights at Startup Summit, including Scotland’s most recognisable philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter, who has invested millions in education and entrepreneurship opportunities through The Hunter Foundation and Brewdog Cofounder James Watt whose company recently pledged to split 20% of profits to staff and charities.

Business Builder Stage

On the Business Builder Stage dynamic entrepreneurs and experts will be sharing practical advice on how to grow your business. From digital marketing to angel investment, find out how to get noticed and scale-up.

If you want to learn from the best there are several businesses smashing it right now. Sarah Stenhouse founding CEO of Pixie recently secured £250k funding; Michael Corrigan Managing Director at Trtl is selling their ergonomic flight pillow worldwide and Gavin Neate of Neatebox is using digital technology to assist the elderly and disabled navigate busy streets and venues. The Business Builder Stage is your chance to learn from the people building their brands and customer base right now. Don’t miss tips from vlogger and Facebook Ad Consultant Gavin Bell on how expand your audience and make the most of your leads.

Impact Stage

There is a new wave of entrepreneurs, pioneers and trailblazers building an economy that lifts up everyone in Scotland and beyond. A familiar face on the Scottish startup circuit is Callum Murray, founding CEO at Amiqus. His team are using technology to make civil justice accessible and Amiqus has swept up a myriad of awards since bringing their first anti-money laundering software to market last year. Rather than heading for a quick exit, the Amiqus team are working towards developing a suite of online products to help people engage with the law.

On the Impact Stage you can also hear from Delfina Zagarzazu, Cofounder and Global Manager of Innodriven, a creative consultancy firm providing design thinking to projects across Europe and Latin America, as well as Jude Ower Founder and CEO of PlayMob, the world’s first platform profitably connecting game mechanics to social good. Listen to their stories and become part of the impact movement.

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