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Why you should exhibit at SUS18

With 50% of the stands sold out, you'd better take a decision now!

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Recognised over the last seven years as one of the UK’s leading events for entrepreneurship, Startup Summit provides a true immersion into the world of business and beyond.

In the centre of one of the world’s most innovative cities, we invite the next generation of entrepreneurs to engage with experts, build a network and gain valuable tools for long-term success.

Why should you exhibit at Startup Summit 2018?

  • Exhibitions are a quantifiable, proven and highly cost-effective marketing tool.
  • Gain visibility among respected companies, entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers in the startup world.
  • Interact with prospects who are eager to find out more about what you have to offer and develop face-to-face relationships with potential buyers.
  • Launch a new product or service to a diverse business audience.
  • Keep on top of industry changes and opportunities to ensure that your company is competitive, innovative and attractive.

Not sure this is for you?

I'm a small startup and I only want to spend money on my product development.

Startup Summit is your chance to get real-time feedback on your product as well as generating valuable leads. Because we are trying to make SUS as inclusive as possible, startups can exhibit for as little as £400 (+VAT) and get access to 1,000 passionate attendees, including respected entrepreneurs and investors.

Is it worth it?

Most of the companies that exhibit at Startup Summit once exhibit again so we must be doing something right! Maybe it's the fact that 44% of our attendees come to Startup Summit to meet exhibitors or the fact that we take good care of our exhibitors...we'll let you decide on that one. ;)

It's not enough, I want more visibility!

Do you think you have some valuable industry knowledge to share with SUS attendees? Why not host a workshop at SUS18? Get extra visibility by being featured on the SUS18 programme and across the SUS18 promotion. We also offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities: get in touch to learn more!

Learn more about our exhibitors packages by clicking on the picture below. Want to get more involved? Why not check out our sponsorship opportunities?

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