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Win a free PR and digital marketing workshop with Represent!

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Represent is one of the companies exhibiting at Startup Summit this year. Through an integrated PR and digital marketing approach, they advise their clients on the best way to generate awareness, recognition and leads. Today, they share exciting news with us!

At Represent, we are delighted to be the only PR and digital marketing agency to be exhibiting at this year’s Startup Summit. We are really looking forward to hearing more about some of Scotland’s exciting new businesses and meeting the people behind them.

As a start-up, we understand that budgets are tight and that once you have factored in costs for office space, product and design, not to mention people, to your business, it’s difficult to find adequate resource for PR and marketing – especially in the very early days. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s also vital that your target customers know who you are.

That’s why this year we are giving away a free PR and digital marketing workshop to a lucky Startup Summit attendee. In the workshop, we’ll help you develop your own PR and digital marketing strategy and provide you with the tools to execute it yourself. Simply come and visit us on our stand and enter the draw to win.

We’ll tailor the workshop (worth £1400!) to our winner, but here’s a summary of what the half day will cover:

Defining your objectives

There’s little point in developing your marketing strategy if you haven’t thought about what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s to raise a certain level of investment or to increase the number of leads you are getting through your website, we’ll map out what these objectives look like before advising on the best course of action to meet them.

Developing target personas

Once you have identified your objectives, it’s time to think about who it is you are targeting. We’ll develop customer personas with you – giving you a detailed analysis of your target customer.

We’ll look at basic demographics such as age, gender and geography, as well as delving into what their biggest challenges are (and therefore how your business helps overcome them), what motivates them, how they digest information, where they hang out (online and in person), what social media channels they are most active on, how they digest information, what publications they read and what impacts their propensity to buy. Only by understanding who it is you are trying to target can you then start engaging with them.

Developing key messages

What do you want to be known for? What key messages do you want to convey about your business? What will resonate most with your target market? We’ll develop a messaging matrix and plan what these will look like.

Conducting a website audit

If you’ve got a website already, we’ll run through our website audit checklist to review its performance. We’ll look at the content of the site, what you are currently ranking for, what you should be ranking for (we’ll run you through some keyword research training as part of this) and whether there are any technical issues preventing Google from crawling your site. And if you don’t have a website yet, then no problem – we’ll help you create the perfect brief.

Brainstorming content angles

Whether it’s blog content for your own site to increase traffic or a PR campaign that will ensure journalists start talking about you (probably both!), we’ll work with you to develop some great content and campaign ideas to ensure your business starts getting noticed in your respective market.

Measuring success

There’s no point developing and executing a PR and marketing strategy if you don’t measure its effectiveness. Depending on your objectives and the channels we recommend for meeting those, we’ll look at what you should be measuring (and how to measure it) on a monthly basis that will indicate progress.

After the workshop, you’ll be armed with a PR and marketing strategy that you and your team can then implement.

Don’t want to miss out on this freebie? Get your #SUS18 ticket today and come and see us on our stand. Our winner will be selected at random, so if you’re in need of some marketing and PR support, drop by our stand and enter! Good luck!

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