• Startup Summit

    SUS19 tracks

    People, Process and Performance

  • Startup Summit is an exciting one-day dive into what it means to build a successful business in today’s world.

    SUS19 covered three core tracks: People, Process and Performance.

    Team working around a table


    A startup is as strong as its team.

    As your business grows, bringing together the right team with the right culture will be essential. Finding the individuals who believe in your vision and are committed to bringing it to life is half the battle when it comes to creating a successful, sustainable organisation. Learn how to attract and retain talent, how to boost team productivity and how to harness the strengths of a startup.


    Startup Summit also provides quality space for networking and connecting with the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem. Who knows, you could meet your next co-founder, collaborator or investor here.


    If your business is the next big thing, now is the time to put in best practices and processes.

    Startup Summit invites world-leading experts to share their tools and tips in marketing, operations, sales, strategy, HR and more, setting you up for success. How do you get your first million sales? How do you make effective marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget? What is the best way to structure your teams? Hear from the business leaders who have the answers.


    Our free interactive workshops are also an ideal way to get specialised support and tailor the day to your needs.

    Checklist, to-do list and lego bricks
    Mobile phones, clock, pound coin and graph going up


    Think big, and we’ll help you get there.

    What is your long-term purpose? How do you measure success? How do you face challenges and take opportunities along the way? We invite executives from some of the most successful and fastest-growing businesses in the world to speak across our three stages, each offering their inside stories and experiences.


    Your leadership affects the performance of your business. Startup Summit presents a variety of content around leadership and culture, offering inspiration, ideas and innovative solutions.

  • Speakers

    We bring speakers from all over the world to Scotland’s capital, inviting them to share their knowledge with the next generation of founders and business leaders.

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