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SUS18: Photos and videos

Thank you for coming to Startup Summit 2018

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Huge thanks to everyone who came to #SUS18! This year we welcomed experts from the likes of SurveyMonkey, Atterley, Skyscanner, and Administrate to share their personal experiences and pass on knowledge to the business leaders of tomorrow.

Check out the photos and video from the event and the official afterparty at 99 Hanover Street.

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Startup Summit 2018 Photos | Assembly Rooms | 31st October 2018

Photos are available by clicking below. Feel free to tag yourself, your friends and your colleagues and we hope to see you all next year for SUS18!


Did you know we also have an amazing video of Startup Summit 2017? Special thanks to our Leith friends Campfire for perfectly capturing the energy of the event!

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Fancy seeing us before #SUS19? FutureX, the team behind Startup Summit, is hosting a relaxed evening at their studio on December 12th: learn more and grab your ticket here.

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