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SUS19 Competition: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can enter the Startup Summit 2019 Competition?
Founders of businesses that are early-revenue, have an exciting idea and a focus on Tech for Good. You can learn more here.

Can I submit multiple applications?

If you own multiple businesses, we encourage you to only submit one application for one business. We know it might be a tough choice, but trust us, it's much easier to pitch one single business to people you meet in the Valley.

Can two or more people from the same organisation apply?

The top prize of one spot on the FutureX Silicon Valley Accelerate programme is awarded to one person only. If you're two or multiple Co-Founders of one company who want to apply, please only select one person. However, other Co-Founders can apply to join the cohort via our regular application process.

Can I contact someone if I have questions regarding my application?

To keep things fair for everyone and not advantage or disadvantage any applicants, we cannot promise we'll be able to answer your question but if you require any assistance with your application, you can contact us via e-mail at

Is my application confidential?
Yes, your application will be kept confidential and shared with the internal FutureX review committee only.

Last updated on 31st July 2019

Can't find an answer to your question? Please send an email to

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